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    •    Riyadh Al Babtain

Co-founder of RMS, Riyadh Babtain lead business across KSA, while continuing to build the company's product and services. As the former co-founder of Babtain Group of companies, which was acquired by RMS, he is firm believer that our key strength is talent and company culture as well as building products exactly as people want them.



Chief Operating Officer 

    •    Adnan Abdul Waheed

Adnan is responsible for overlooking all of our operations. He leads our fleet development efforts by focusing on customer experience, efficiency and pilot’s loyalty. You'll often find Adnan collaborating with other cities to drive performance forward. He also works to provide structured and reliable IT solutions that our company cannot do without.


Fleet Superviser

    •    Sajid Khan

Sajid is responsible for looking after our fleet. He leads our fleet with effort and hard work. He had dedicated his work to make this service more reliable and comfortable. You will find him communicating with pilot’s looking after their requirements, managing them and fulfilling them, to keep the service run smoothly. taking care of customer and captain.


Fleet Manager

    •    Naveed Anwar & Waleed Abu Khalid

Naveed & Waleed are responsible for captain's responsibilities, training, ride managements. You will find him always in touch with captain. Looking for the betterment of the company. Always there to look after the issues faced by pilot. Helping them out to generate better outcome of them. oftenly you will find him picking up customer phone, serving them gently and piece fully.


Marketing Officer

    •    Aqil Naseem

Aqil is passionate about the development of the region, Anwaar heads both the Marketing and Sales departments at RMS. He is working hard to build the company as a local household brand in the Middle East. He is ambitious and talented.


Infrastructure And IT

    •    Rahul Sharma

Rahul is one of our major part of company. He designed the infrastructure and taking care of IT. He is playing the major role in keep the infrastructure stable and smooth. He is ambitious and hardworking to get things up and running in the company.


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