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At RMS, our mission is to simplify the living of people and to build a Luxurious institution that inspires! We put people at the heart of our purpose and we want to Appreciate them with every interaction.

We believe there is only one way to do this and that is to attract exceptionally talented people who are aligned with the mission of the organization and make them partners in success.

We have had a phenomenal start. Very early on RMS was earmarked as one of the supplanted startups in the Middle East. We are an innovative transportation service operational In KSA. We are wishing to be one of the fastest growing companies in the region.

We are looking to invest in BOLD, FOCUSED and AGILE people who will learn and thrive within a rapid paced environment. You’ll get to shape the organization, influence positive change and work with some of the most entrepreneurial and cooperative people, all while exploring new markets and setting foot in exciting cities and countries.




    •    WHAT IS RMS?

RMS is a chauffeur driven car booking service that offers convenient, reliable and comfortable travel every time. You can book via our mobile app, online, or call our 24/7 friendly customer service team. You can keep track of your request in real-time, pay by credit cards on your file or project codes if you are a corporate user, or choose to pay cash. You can also rate your ride and view account history online.

All cars on our platform are well maintained.

Our drivers are highly trained and professionally licensed by their local regulator.

We personally inspect all cars and interview all pilots.


    •    HOW DOES IT WORK?

Once you’ve requested one of our licensed cars via our mobile app, online, or our 24/7 customer service team, our people work hard behind the scenes to ensure we find a pilot for you. We strive to ensure your car arrives on time. Our pilots are always professionally trained in safe navigation and will always know your pick-up and drop off location, so you need never have to direct them. We make our money by keeping a small portion of the fare.



We pride ourselves in being the trusted travel partner for some of the Middle East’s top multi-national corporations. Companies love that we’re efficient, reliable and easy to use - with the ability to book quickly online and track requests in real-time, as well as access detailed corporate invoices broken down by project codes, staff etc. Get in touch to sign up today at support@rmsgroup.me.

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